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Support Buying Vehicles

Mexico is  car country , one of the first things you will want to do once you are settled is get some transport. However, whether you buy a new or used car depends mostly on your circumstances.

 Meet Point helps you find the right vehicle to suit your budget and requirements. Our experienced team compares price and quality to provide all the support you need to make the right decisions

Vehicles come mostly from other expats leaving Mexico, major manufacturers (Ford, Nissan and Peugeout) and professional motor dealers.

Our services:

  • Through one central point of contact, Meet Point saves you the time and effort of searching a vehicle.

  • We also  handle all the paperwork matters such as vehicle registration, insurance, taxes, "tenencia" and provide support with your driving license.

Guarantee of our Services

We perform a scrupulous search to guarantee the best accomplishment of your criteria.

We area prepared to react quickly. Meet Point sources what you need using extensive commercial alliances to find what you need fast.

We make the whole process as simple and effective as possible. Our team is always pleased to answer all your questions in clear concise terms.

A vehicle can be a sensible purchase. With our comprehensive management programme, we aim to reduce stressful and bad experiences.

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