Prepare for your move Short-Term Accomodation

Short-term Accomodation

Meetpoint facilitates a more comfortable transition for the expat and their family, in situations where they are not able to move into their permanent residence right away, or where their assignment is too short. We have carefully selected short-term accommodation providers to offer the perfect solution to stay-at-home comfort and to save on hotel costs. Meetpoint searches and secures fully furnished accommodation for a period from 1 week to 6 months.

Our short-term accommodation program includes the following:
  • Option 1: Accommodation Research and Booking: Forward a maximum of 4 preselected accommodation options to choose from, according the budget and criteria. Ensure information is available of how to get there and check-in procedures.

  •  Option 2: Accompanied Viewing In addition to option 1, coordinate a visit to 4 alternatives. Accompanied accommodation check-in.

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