Settling in Settling and Shopping Smartly

Shopping Smartly Tours

Many options to shop are offered in Mexico, but comparison shopping is decisive to getting the best deal. Looking for all what you need to settle in can be costly, specially when you are new in town. Meet Point simplifies your first shopping experiences bu getting you to the most eligible and affordable alternatives.

Our services:

  • Deal Shopping Tour: Find out amazing savings and quality goods. this tour is specifically tailored for new expats in Mexico.

    • Recognize where to buy quality furniture and house goods at a good price

    • Find out great deals on electrical household appliences

    • Visit the largest wholesale supermarkets and shopping centers.

    • Get special discounts in any product you need for your house or personal needs (e.g. curtains, bedding, decorative accessories, rugs or kitchen and bath items).

    • Be familiar with gourmet shops and restaurants to buy food from your own country.

    • Identify the local grocery stores, restaurants, medical facilities and activities in your neighborhood

  • Premium Shopping Tour: A tailored made tour fo those shoppers looking for original designs, brand-name goods and furniture, as well as specialty item or needs ( e.g. organic, kosher foof, etc.).

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