Settling in Being safe and Responsible

Safety Tips

Like in almost every big city around the globe insecurity exists. Mexico City may be known for being an insecure city, however, most of vandalism and crime situations can be avoid if you are cautious. Here you can find some safety tips that can be useful to prevent or overcome unfortunate events.

Preventive actions

  • In a crowd, be aware of the people around you and pay attention to people trying to push you or invade your personal space. Also remember that most of the thieves work in pairs, so while one is distracting you the other one could try to rob you.

  • Use small denomination bills when buying something, especially with street vendors.

  • When traveling in a car keep the windows up and use the locks.

  • If you need to take out some money use ATMs inside shopping centers or malls.

  • Do not leave your personal belongings at sight in a car.

  • Be restrictive with your personal information on public social networks such Facebook Hi5, Myspace, etc. Be careful when publishing photos from your last trip, your new car, or properties you have.

Reactive actions

  • If you face a transgression, do not look directly to their eyes, and give them what they want.

  • Pay attention to what they demand and do exactly as they say.

  • Request them to be calmed and assure them that you will do everything they say, notify them every movement you will make.

  • Do not allow them to take you away, if this is the case; pretend an asthma attack or a faint.

Safety Tips whe travelling

Here you can find some safety tips that can be useful to prevent unfortunate events when traveling.

  • Avoid showing large amounts of money in public, instead, bring with you small amounts of money when possible.

  • Do not use flashy jewelry, or that looks too expensive.

  • Leave unnecessary credit cards, travelers checks and cash on your hotel’s safety box.

  • Carry photocopies of all your travel documents (passport, driver´s license, visa, credit cards, etc.) and leave the original ones in a safe place.

  • Secure your valuable objects on a safety box, if your hotel cannot provide you one put your valuables on your suitcase with a lock.

  • Do not leave your belongings like backpacks, bags, briefcases or shopping bags unattended in public places.

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