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Psychological  counceling to attend culture shock

Many There are many families who have difficulties that stem from or are related with an expatriation. Loneliness, culture shock, depression, anxiety attacks, relationship issues, feelings of loss to name a few. Of course not only an expatriation may cause these symptoms. Many people wonder why they have got all these anxieties, inhibitions and symptoms, which withhold them from living the life they would like to live. The answer is quite simple: because one has gotten estranged from that which is most of his own; “his desire”. This means his desire to live, to develop new life projects, … Instead of that one got trapped in repetitive patterns and self sabotage. Therefore going in therapy and getting back in touch with one’s desire opens new pathways in life. The result is a strong improvement in the overall quality of life on the social, emotional, and psychological levels.

Karolien Van Diest is a counseling psychologist and a psychoanalyst in training from Brussels, Belgium. She has a US Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Prior to obtaining her master’s degree, she received a bachelor’s degree in Family Sciences and a second bachelor´s degree in Journalism, both With Great Honours. She is currently engaged in a clinical psychoanalytical training program at the GRUPO MOEBIUS institute.

Apart from her work as a psychologist in a center for mental health and as a guest professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana, she collaborates with the Belgian Foreign Services Department as a psychologist/consultant and she has her own private practice at the MuroAulico+ institute. In addition, she speaks English, Spanish, French and Dutch, and has professional experience in all these languages.

During her studies Karolien specialized both in working with children and with the expatriate community. Having lived in different countries like India, Poland, Belgium and Mexico and being a diplomat's wife, migration and expatriation are themes she is very interested in. Her bachelor's thesis investigated the parenting problems expat families might encounter when moving abroad and she wrote her master's thesis on the subject of play therapy within a multicultural setting.

In her work with young children (-11) who are struggling with issues such as divorce, grief, loss, attachment issues, abuse, neglect, expatriation, family violence, and severe trauma, Karolien uses play therapy. As young children are not yet able to verbalize their problems, this form of therapy follows its own unique therapeutic process which allows children to act out and elaborate psychologically circumstances that are scary, confusing, or bothersome to them.

Karolien Van Diest, M.A.
Counseling Psychologist & Psychoanalyst (in training)
US / European - trained.
Children, adolescents, adults.

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