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Relocating in Mexico with Babies?

It is never easy to move to a new country, but relocating with a baby can be challenging and an overwhelming experience for all parties involved. It requires getting extra attention on the welfare and the happiness of the little one. However, as any other relocation experience, the success of this endeavour depends on sound preparation. If you have babies or toddlers, be prepared to minimize any additional stresses. Below is a list of tips to help you easily relocate with newborns:
  • Schedule a doctor's visit before you leave to make sure your baby is in good health. Make sure his/her vaccinations are up to date.

  • Find a new pediatrician before you arrive at your new place, and keep the child's medical records with you, just in case.

  • Search in advance for a babysitter. Plan some interviews with people before your arrival so you can have a person immediately at your disposal for the care of your child. Mexico is a great place to have a baby; life can be much easier here with the availability of home help.

  • Be proactive and learn as much as possible about Mexico, local diets for mothers and formulas for babies.

  • Print out a list of hospitals, child healthcare centres and where to obtain medicines along the area you plan to move to. Contact your local Embassy for recommendations on preferred doctors and hospitals.

  • When booking your flights, consider your baby's wake/sleep schedule. Overnight flights sometimes work well because that is when babies naturally fall asleep.

  • Try to cause minimal disruption to your baby's routine. Having your relocation process organized, will help calm newborns before you even leave for your new destination. Start packing early to avoid everything being done at the last minute. If you're unorganized and the relocating process is chaotic, the baby will feel this and respond accordingly.

Moving Day

  • The baby requires constant attention and you will be performing million tasks to make sure that the move goes off without any problem. Have someone else look after your baby on moving day, preferably someone that your baby knows well and make sure that your baby will have a good time.

  • Pack a special "handy pack" for the baby, and carry this with you all the time until your arrival. Include diapers, changing mat, wet wipes, towels, change of clothes, bottles, snacks, formula, and plastic bags (for diapers and clothes). Take any extra items you can manage, and be prepared for possible delays. Also, keep the stroller with you on the plane, so that you are ready to move around with your baby as soon as you arrive at your new city.

  • Be prepared for emergencies. Before leaving home, its a good idea to make up a sort First Aid Kit. Include medications and baby products with which you are already familiar. This is far better than trying to source foreign equivalents at the last minute.

  • Make sure you take toys, lots and lots of toys that can distract fussy babies. Familiar items, like their blanket or teddy can make babies feel more comfortable and will help them adjust more quickly when moving in.

  • One of the best ways to pacify your baby is to play comforting sounds, whether it's classical music or anything that puts them at ease. Record some relaxing and soothing music and play it on when your infant gets nervous.

At your Arrival

  • Moving to another country can upset the normal patterns and mood of your baby. If the child has a regular feeding or sleeping regimen, try to keep the same schedule as long as possible. Let your baby to adapt slowly.

  • Identify someone who can watch the child until you're completely settled and everything has been arranged just the way you want it. Inform your new babysitter what is it that your baby likes, dislikes, what foods to avoid, etc.
    As soon as you choose your new home, be sure to contact local child care centers and kindergartens. Sometimes they have long waiting lists. This also applies to schools for older children.

  • Make sure the baby's room is the first thing you set up, and try to recreate as much as possible the baby's former home. Since smells are so important to newborns, try to cook the same smelling dishes at your new home. This will make the baby more comfortable and the adjustment period will be lessened.

  • Having a baby in a foreign country can also be stressful especially not having the support of your family and friends in your new country. Enquire about expat communities to build up a new network as soon as possible. Expat networks are a great way to meet new people and an invaluable resource to find quality medical care and doctors who speaks your language.

  • Be positive and look on the bright side. Babies are sponges, even though your baby is too young to fully understand what's going on, your baby will pick up the stresses or calms of your relocation process. Don't forget about you, take time to relax and be good to yourself. Try yoga classes or massages.

Hopefully these tips can make your transition smoother with babies. Let Meetpoint Expat Services take care of your relocation, while you are taking care of your baby. to make sure your move is as organized and stress-free as possible.  

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