Prepare for your move Orientation TIPS

Arriving Expat, Where do you begin?

Hundreds of expats come to Mexico every year. It is not difficult, but it does require planning and organization. So, where do you begin? Find out how to make this happen:

  • Estimate your living expenses since you are at home

  •  Don't underestimate the start-up costs

  • Learn as much Spanish as possible

  • Set up a bank account here

  • Start your social networks as soon as you arrive.

And don't miss the most important, your living arrangements. When you live in comfortable accommodation that meets your needs, you are better able to make the most of your time here. There are many different types of housing available and many different ways to search. Have in mind that in Mexico Real Estate is not regulated as in other countries, agents get paid by the owner of the property so they will always show you what they have available and not really what you are looking for.

Whether or not you are familiar with our country, we aim to assist you and to make your arrival and stay here as smooth and easy as possible. Through one central point of contact,
Meet Point makes available to you several real estate solutions. We perfectly know that every home is as unique as the people living there, so we perform a scrupulous search to guarantee the best accomplishment of your criteria. Our team is prepared to react quickly, while we provide proficient solutions enabling you and your family to relocate with simplicity.

Are you moving against your will?

If you're moving to follow a dream, you might feel excited and as if there are no limits. However, if you're moving because your partner is following his or her dream, you might have feelings of anger and frustration about your future. Badly, these feelings of hopelessness of your life overseas easily cause you to become homesick, isolated, and depressed.

So, what can you do? MeetPoint has some ideas to help you handle this negative mind-set and start creating a satisfying life.

Cross-culture Coaching. Consider utilizing coaching to help you make the positive changes that you need. Developing a good attitude is a key determinant to the level of happiness and satisfaction you'll enjoy while living abroad. MeetPoint offers specialized workshops that will help you to deal with anxiety, fears, stress management, culture shock and cultural adjustment.

Relaxation techniques. The best investment that you can make is in your own health and well being. Approaches that help to minimize anger, anxiety and fear and to maintain relaxation will be quite beneficial. MeetPoint introduces two forms of relaxation that will help you stay calm and balanced: Naam Yoga and Harmonyum.

Keep healthy and active. Make an effort to exercise regularly, moderate exercise such as walking, swimming, or bicycling. We have a good way to exercise while you meet people, try our Salsa Dancing Lessons.

Business Start Up. If your profession is not so easily transferable you can start your own business in Mexico. Being entrepreneur is a rewarding but engaging career and life choice. MeetPoint supports you from researching and writing a detailed business plan to trying to make money out of it. Try the Get Started - Business Start Ups.

You'll be happier when you take a proactive stance in making your life enjoyable. Click here to start now! to set up a Look and See Trip, Meetpoint Expat Services

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