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Look & See Trip,  What are the Benefits?

Getting settled shouldn't be an overwhelming experience. To get your new life in smooth running order as soon as possible, we strongly recommend you to arrange a Look and See Trip (L&ST) about one month prior to the final move. During this trip, you will familiarize with your new place of residence and local lifestyle by touring houses, visiting schools and points of interests. Here is a list of benefits of the L&ST:

1. Reduce your culture shock
If you visit Mexico at least once before moving, you can explore various aspects of your new location that intersect with your interests. A L&ST helps you to get a basic picture of the country and its culture. Upon the completion of the trip, you will be better prepared to plan the move.

2. Tour your New Town
The L&ST is a great opportunity to narrow down neighborhood choices. A good L&ST will drive you through the most attractive residential areas, explaining the differences between one place and another. A L&ST will note the location of your office, the schools favored by expats, and the neighborhoods with good proximity to social facilities.

3. Test Distances from Office to Living Areas and Schools
A L&ST helps you to evaluate how long it would take to travel from your prospective housing to the office, schools and other facilities. Traffic jams in Mexico are recurrent. A L&ST tests the commute times to the various residential areas to identify traffic patterns, as this will affect your choice of housing.

4. Identify Schools & Housing
Alternatives for housing and schools often go hand-in-hand. Since education is a very important concern this decision need to take top priority. A L&ST contacts schools for an appointment prior to your arrival so they can be prepared for your visit. Once the list of possible school candidates is defined, the L&ST takes you to visit houses based on proximity criteria, so you can see what is available.

5. Save both Time and Money
Visiting properties can be an exhausting and disappointing process. A L&ST removes the stress by finding the property that best suits your requirements. A good L&ST service view all suitable properties on your behalf and only take you to those properties that match your budget and criteria. A L&ST offers you the best possible opportunity of having your application on any rental accepted. The result is that you spend the least time possible in short term accommodation and the cost in time and money is minimized.

6. Start New Connections
A L&ST introduces you to expat community associations and networks in Mexico. It is worthwhile to visit these associations and evaluate what activities are available. Making a few expat or local contacts can help you to tackle the many challenges of setting up.

Our L&ST includes:

  • Welcome Package

  •  Airport transfers

  •  City Orientation Tour

  •  Schooling Overview

  •  Housing and Living Area Overview

  •  Tour showing medical services, shopping areas, and leisure facilities

  •  Relevant Information based on special requirements. to set up a Look and See Trip, Meetpoint Expat Services tailor-make orientation trips to meet your specific needs.


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