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is a pejorative word often used in Mexico to describe poorly educated and bad-mannered people. Being a "naco" is mostly defined by actions and attitudes, and not necessarily related to an economic status. As an adjective, the termrefers to phenomena typically associated with lower social classes, unusual tastes, unrefined verbal expression and manner of dressing.

"Fresa" is a slang term used in Mexico for a cultural stereotype of superficiality. The term refers to a specific lifestyle, behavior, habits, and other characteristics that show off about having money. "Fresas" show off about wearing name brand clothes and are identified by their special way of talking

Living abroad with new and exciting experiences brings many choices to you. Take the opportunity to revisit your dreams, plans and aspirations; and discover the best way to live your life as an expatriate.

"Living the Life you Desire" helps you create more effective life strategies, and lead more satisfying lives. The workshop helps you get organized in your priorities, whilst renew passion for happiness and joy
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New home sweet home 
House Keeping 
Flat-share a spacious 2 double bedroom & 2 bathroom flat in Interlomas. The flat share will only be with one other male professional. The property is located 10-15 mins away from the corporative area of Bosques and Interlomas.
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 Name: Carmen Ambrosio - 27 years old. Experience: 2 years with Expats from Canada, the United States and France.

When you hire domestic employees with the
Meet Point Expat Services, you can assure the most scrupulous and professional service available.
Beautiful house for rent in very nice area of Coyoacan. The Coyoacan neighbourhood is located in southern Mexico City. The district's main square is full of beautiful mansions and galleries. Bookstores, crafts, restaurants and shopping facilities are within close proximity
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Hike to the highest Mexico city Point
 (Ajusco Mountain) 
 Saturday 16 Oct
Hike in Amatlan de Tepoztlan  Saturday 23 Oct 
Teotihuacan VIP Tour  Every Wednesday and Sunday
Bicentenario City Tour  Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Bicentenario Tour Kids Every Saturday 
Bicentenario City Tour  & Garibaldi  Every Thursday 
Vip Night Life Tour Every Friday 
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