Did you know "Piñata - dale, dale dale!!"
The Piñata is closely associated with the native people of Mexico, who made clay pots in the shape of their gods. The pots were meant to be broken forcefully, so the contents spilled signify abundance or favors from the gods.
At the beginning of the 16th century the Spanish missionaries that went to America cleverly transformed this traditional clay pot into allegories to help them in their efforts to evangelize the native people. They did this by covering the pot with colored paper, and giving it an impressive or evil appearance.
With the time, the original piñata was shaped like a seven-pointed star. The points represented the seven deadly sins, and the bright colors symbolized temptation. The contents represented the blessings of the kingdom of heaven. The blindfold represented faith and the stick represented virtue or the will to overcome sin.
Nowadays, the piñata is a brightly-coloured container often filled with fruits, sweets and toys. It is generally suspended on a rope and is used during celebrations such as Christmas.
Settling in -New Home Sweet Home
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Home Finding

Moving to another country is never easy from the moment the decision is made. Furthermore, the process of house searching often converge exciting and nerve-racking emotions.

Meet Point provides advice and support to find the right place according to your needs and preferences. From one-bedroom apartments to fully furnished houses, our team will help you look for that perfect home.

OPPORTUNITY - New luxury Apartment for Rent in Condesa

Spacious 2 double bedroom & 2 bathroom with balcony. Close to Park México, one of the most beautiful parks in the city. The district has a bohemian and intellectual aura. Here you will be surrounded by a place in which design fuses with fashion and gastronomy in one of the trendiest places in Mexico City.

  Make the Most of your Stay
Must to Experience MONARCH BUTTERFLY: DECEMBER 12 and 26

It includes first class tourist transportation and admission to the monarch butterfly sanctuary. Have lunch in the floating restaurant "The periwigs" and enjoy a tour in the yacht "FIESTA VALLE" in Valle de Bravo. Visit the wonderful botanical garden, the biggest cosmovitral of Latin-America and the cathedral of Toluca.
Departure - Garage ( moving out) Sale      

Leaving soon your home in Mexico? Need support to sell your furniture and household electronics? Don’t waste, things can be recycled with arriving expats. Meet Point provides an exceptional service of expediting the sale or your items through a well-built network within the International community in Mexico. If you want to relieve yourself with these objects on a timely, convenient and cost effective basis, contact@meetpoint.com.mx
Settling in - Shopping Smartly      

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Most items are less than a year old or hardly used. Some items were brought over from overseas and some purchased here. You won’t believe the price!
 OPPORTUNITIES – Vehicles from Leaving Expats
MINI Cooper S Hot Chili 2009  Extra original equipment More Opportunities:

Price: $315,000 MX.

Km: 17,500 km.
Make: BMW
Engine: Automatic
Color Ext.: White
First Owner
Documents and services.
- SHARAN VW - 2004 / 93,000 kms /$90,000.00 MX.
- ROGUE SL - 2008 / 62,000 kms /$210,000 MX.
- TIIDA NISSAN - 2010/ 10,000 kms /$120,000.00 MX.
- CRUISER CHRYS - 2010/ 900kms /$185,000.00 MX.
- RAV4 TOYOTA – 2009/ 21,000 kms / $270,000.00 MX.
- TRACKER CHEV – 2005 / 78,000 kms / 88,000.00 MX.
- CAMRY TOYOTA – 2007/ 55,000 kms /$169,000.00 MX.

All in excellent condition.
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May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. 
We wish you love, joy and happiness.
Happy Holidays!! Meet Point - Expat Services
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