sele Güerita, Bueno, Bonito y Barato

Mexico City is a festive shopping destination where you will find a wide array of colorful outdoor street markets. Depending on what catches your eye, there is a great diversity of products bartered, traded and sold. These places have everything imaginable, from antiques, furniture and household goods to food and clothing.

Traditional markets link the present with the past. They are a good place to meet the locals and for locals to meet visitors. There is constant movement of people, with many shouting out to potential customers. Don't be surprised if you are called
güerita (little light-skinned girl) when vendors invite you to buy a product that is "bueno, bonito y barato" (great quality, great looking and well priced).

Basic Mexican foodstuffs is the backbone of Mexican markets. Vendors can be seen selling “secret” herbal remedies, spices, fruits and traditional candies. Traditional markets are favored places to eat Mexican street food, called
“antojitos”. Meals are often available as are fresh juices.

There are a number of fantastic markets in Mexico City, here are some of the most famous:
Bazar de Sabado in San Angel, where artists offer their paintings / Mercado de Artesanias in Coyoacan, featuring handicrafts from all over the country / Sonora Market, famous for its ceramics and herbs. Ciudadela with more than 200 stalls / La Lagunilla with some of the best antiques / La Merced, the largest retail market of Mexico City / Mercado de Alvaro Obregon and Mercado de Medellin in Colonia Roma / Sunday Art Market in Sullivan.

Recommendations, bring small bills, exact change is always appreciated. Bargain with a light touch often gets the best results. Many vendors will give bigger discounts if you're buying several items at once.
Enjoy your visit!

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