Mexican Cantinas, a Real  Way to Drink Tequila
Must to Experience in Mexico
Mexican Cantinas

In Mexico, cantina traditionally refers  to a kind of bar normally frequented only by men to drink and play domino. The cantina's golden age was  in 1940s and 1950s, but the oldest cantina, El Nivel, opened in 1855. It was famous for a clientele that ran form presidents to revolutionaries, artists to bureaucrats , poets  to street vendors.  Amoung the most famous  cantinas are La Opera, which mantains an aura of authenticity ; the Salon Tenampa, the centre of Mariachi activity, and the Gallo de Oro, a place for getting into spirit of football matches.

Cantinas  were once the centre of every Mexican  man's social life, but today the
machista atmosphere has faded away and cantinas are completely woman friendly.  What is more, the clientele has transformed form domino-playing  regulars to the young and retro night out.  Some cantinas retain their long wooden bars and extended stained mirrors, but some have become colorful by incorporating iconic elements found in the Mexican culture. Cantinas worth a visit thanks to their food, sense of history  or both.

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