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"No te Hagas Rosca " Candlemas Day

Día de la Candelaria or Day of the Candles is
celebrated throughout Mexico on February 2nd, and represents a fusion of pre-Hispanic traditions and Catholic beliefs. During this holiday people bring candles to the church to be blessed. February 2nd is celebrated by Catholics as the presentation of Christ at the temple by Joseph and Mary.

Mexican Families, in areas where traditions run strong, own an image of the Christ child and dress him in luxurious outfits to be presented in the church. In other parts of Mexico, indigenous groups "bless" the seeds that will be used during harvest time. This is the case of Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, a major celebration with bullfights and colourful parades.

 For many, Candlemass is a
follow-up to the festivities of Kings Day on January 6th, when someone brought a Rosca de Reyes to share with relatives and friends, special sweet bread with plastic figurines hidden inside.

f you got a figurine on Kings Day, you are supposed to buy tamales and atole for everybody on February 2nd, or you may be told: “No Te Hagas Rosca”.
Candlemas day
Feb 2013

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