Departure Services Leaving Preparation & Saying your goodbyes

Departure Services

When you are ready to leave Mexico, there are many things that need to be taken care of. Planning your return home is as important as planning your arrival.
MeetPoint offers the following packages designed to assure a trouble free departure:

Move my Home
We will assist you in providing written notification to
terminate the rental contract according to the contract conditions. Our team will perform an inspection to prepare the house/apartment for handover, and oversee the return of the security deposit. If you own a house or an apartment, we can also help you make arrangements for its sale or leasing.

Termination of Utilities and Services
We will arrange the
disconnection of utilities (electricity, gas, telephone, Internet and cable), and give notice to any memberships and subscriptions you have.

Garage Sale
Some things you’ll definitely want to take with you, but many things are best left behind. We provide guidance on
sale you used car, heavy furniture and home appliances, which are good candidates for selling or giving away. Selling your car, furniture and household appliances on your own can be time consuming and inconvenient. Why bother with placing ads, strangers calling and coming to your home; we make your departure easy and stress-free.

Moving/Shipping Services
Departure can be an incredibly anxious time, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your belongings will be safe during your move. We provide
removal and shipping services, relying on our vast network of international partners. We work with the best firms to offer a comprehensive choice of moving, packing and storage services to suit your needs. Our experts will ensure your move will be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

At the end of your expatriation in Mexico, our team can be as helpful as at the start. to handle the hassle of moving from one country to another.


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