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Support, Troubleshooting & Recommendations – Service available in Spanish, English and French.

“Ask the Expert” is a question and answer service created by Meet Point Expat Services to find out easy and cost-effective solutions to your house problems.

  • Where to repair my laptop?

  • We have house humidity problems!z

  • Who I can call for plumbing problems!

  •  I have furniture to be repaired.

  •  How I can't get the dishwasher to run?

  •  There is a water leak!

  •  The air conditioner doesn't get cool enough

  •  The oven heats poorly

  •  I don’t speak Spanish and I need my blender fixed

  •  My refrigerator is not working

  •  I need a hand with home pest control

  •  Where I can take my appliances to be repaired?

  •  I smell a gas!

Ask Car Expert

Metal Polishing, Premium Hand Waxing and Teflon Coating.
 Textile and other material upholstery washing, leather maintenance.
 Conditions for carpets, dashboard and trunk cleaning.
 Change of brakes, Tune-up Service.
We take your car to the Vehicle Emissions Control Centre (Verificación).


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