The Meet Point
We are a service company that aims to ease and maximize  the experience in Mexico during all the Relocation stages for expatriate personel.

Furthermore, we offer services to Human Resources, Embassies, Consulates and International societies with relocation management of expats.
  • Diminish stress for both, the employer and the expat, by offering comprehensive expatriate allocation and cross-cultural services.
  • Facilitate and support  the professional, cultural  and personal settlement of the expat and his/her family during all the relocation cicle.
  • Strengthen perceptions of Mexico as a centre for international  businesses.
Where Do we Operate
  • Mexico City
  • San Luis Potosi 
  • Guadalajara
  • Toluca
  • Queretaro
  • Puebla
  • Moterrey
Punctuality, security, transparency  and reliance.
   Our Philosophy
We are based on a solid network of contacts and strategic alliances, which allows us to provide  comprehensive services to attend a broad range of needs and  interests of the expat community.

We partner  with our suppliers  to offer only high quality and customized  services according  to our customers needs and expectations. Our services and suppliers are countinously evaluated by our customers; enabling us to best guarantee the complete  satisfaction  of those who rely on  us.
   Diana Diaz -BIO    Mepot

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