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My name is Mepot, I am a friendly, joyful and curious being. My hobby is to travel around the Universe and take pictures of the places I visit, however, Earth is my favorite planet where I have visited several countries and made friends from around the world.

I consider myself as an Expatriate, as I have lived in Paris, Egypt, England, Johannesburg, Beijing, New York and Tokyo. I'm currently living in Mexico City. I enjoy my life here, Mexicans are friendly and reliable people.

Mexico was the first Latin-American country I chose to stay longer. I thought it would be difficult to settle in, but
MeetPoint Expat Services help me to ease and maximize my experience here. At the beginning I had several concerns, looking for a home was very stressful process until I found their services. Once settled, MeetPoint helped me to overcome the culture-shock and invited me to join social events, getaways and day-outs that allowed me to learn and discover more about Mexico and its culture.
Now I would be pleased to share all my experiences with you, as well as lots of tips to settle and enjoy your Expat life in Mexico City. Become my friend in Facebook, you can find me as, or you can follow us directly at


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