Make the Most of Your Stay Spouse/ Accompanying Program

Frustated Career Aspirations?  NOT ANY MORE!!

The term trailing spouse is used to describe a person who follows his or her life partner to another city because of a work assignment. The most pointed issue a trailing spouse must learn to deal with is the loss of identity. Trailing spouses often experience anger and frustration about their future. These feelings of hopelessness often cause them to become homesick, isolated, and depressed. However, a move abroad can offer an opportunity to start again and pursue a career or activity that previously had been unavailable. We have some ideas:

Business Start Up. If your profession is not so easily transferable you can start your own business in Mexico. Being entrepreneur is a rewarding but engaging career. MeetPoint supports you from researching and writing a detailed business plan to trying to make money out of it. Try our Get Started - Business Start Up Service.

Volunteering. Many expat spouses are not allowed to have paid due to their visa status. However, most of them possess invaluable professional skills and experience. Volunteering is a very satisfying way to spend time and meet new people. There are a variety of programs in Mexico City that need people to get more hands on. Here, some superb social projects:;;

Come Back to School. Many spouses opt to study and update their careers with new skills. Many universities in Mexico offer programs and degrees in a wide range of subjects. The opportunities for study are endless.

Networking. Joining an expatriate club is the best way of finding friends and meeting up with likeminded people. In Mexico there is a wide variety of active expatriate associations, societies and clubs. Most of these groups are run by volunteers that aim to help fellow members adapt and socialize. Also, consider that to find a job in City networking and contacts are still very important. Take a proactive stance in making your life enjoyable. Any skills you acquire can be valuable in the long run. to start now!



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